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Nationwide Fleet Services, Inc. provides National Remarketing and Transportation Services for Fleet Clients throughout the United States.

Our Transportation Department MOVES THOUSANDS of vehicles each year for our Fleet Clients. All we need is an address, a phone#, and a VIN#. We handle all the rest. Whether it's getting a truck from the Upfitter and taking it 800 miles to a driver in the field or getting a replacement vehicle to a driver who had an accident, we will get the vehicle where it needs to be PROMPTLY!

In addition to our Transportation Services, We BUY THOUSANDS of Fleet vehicles each year to place on Retail Sales lots throughout the country. Our retail locations have a STRONG APPETITE for Fleet vehicles. Because of our commitment to Retail Sales, we can pay our Fleet Client more money for their vehicles than traditional auction outlets.

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With Nationwide Fleet, you get a top market price for all your vehicles!  There are no fees to subtract and you will be paid promptly!