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Nationwide's Car Port Employee Auction Information

If you can't find your answer here then please email us or call (407) 464-5900.

  • To participate in the auction you need to be an employee of one of Nationwide's Clients.  The Auction registration screen will require you to enter a Customer Number that is supplied to your employer by Nationwide Fleet Services.  You should be able to find that number on your company's INTRANET (internal web site).  If not then please call or email Nationwide.  NOTE: You must FIRST register before attempting to log in.  If you already know or have that number handy then click here to REGISTER.

  • FOLLOWING YOUR REGISTRATION you will promptly receive an email with your User Name and Password.

  • AFTER YOU RECEIVE YOUR REGISTRATION EMAIL you may change either your user name or password at any time by clicking the "Change My Settings" button on the Auction Site.

  • By registering to participate in the auction you agree to receive periodic emails from Nationwide that notify you about vehicles that have been placed in the auction.  You may later opt out of this email list if you wish.

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