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Nationwide Fleet Services, Inc. has a National Network of retail automobile dealers who have a strong demand for Fleet Vehicles.  We get your Fleet Vehicle in front of the Retail Buyer! We are a professional remarketer, facilitating the sale of thousands of client vehicles to our Retail Buyers across the United States each year.


Because of our commitment to Retail sales, we can pay our Fleet Clients more for their vehicles than traditional wholesale auction outlets.  We pay our Fleet Clients top market value immediately upon picking up the vehicle for resale. We assume all of the risk of getting the vehicle resold. Our clients enjoy higher returns for their vehicles and feel like actual partners in our retail dealership network.


No fees are charged to the client! The price we agree on is the price you are paid!




Selling vehicles at auction can be an expensive way to remarket.  Fees for transportation, detailing, reconditioning, along with the sell fee really add up!


The purchasing dealer pays a substantial "buy fee" to the auction - money that could be paid to the fleet client as a higher vehicle purchase price!


After you subtract out all of the auction fees, the net price you receive for your vehicle is substantially less than what the purchasing dealer actually paid.  Your fleet residuals suffer the consequences.


With Nationwide Fleet, you get a top market price for all your vehicles!  There are no fees to subtract and you will be paid promptly!

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